Partnerships with Parents: At home with Toddler Talk

As a parent, you play an important role in helping your child to become a competent talker; therefore we cannot get the most out of the Toddler Talk programme without your input.

Questions you may have…..

How can you find out what your child is learning at nursery, as part of the Toddler Talk programme?

  • As with all aspects of your child’s life at nursery, your child’s Key Worker will work closely with you to support you and your child
  • You can view the weekly planning, this is displayed within the Sunbeams room, here you will see the weekly Toddler Talk focus


How can you play an active role in your child’s learning and help their language development at home?

  • You will be given a Toddler Talk activity pack to take home and complete with your child.  Afterwards, you can complete the feedback sheet, which lets your child’s Key Worker know about their achievements at home
  • We will use your comments to inform our assessments and to help us support and extend your child’s learning at nursery
  • Continue to compete ‘WOW observations’ and add your comments to your child’s Development File


How can you find out about, and share in, your child’s progress and achievements?

  • Through an on-going two-way-flow of information between yourself and your child’s Key Worker
  • By visiting your child’s Development File and viewing their tracked progress
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