Cosy book area. 
The children can look at some story books and listen to stories. This will help to develop their language skills. The children can also talk about favourite stories and characters

Home Corner.
The children can take on the roles of adults. This helps them to develop their social skills, language skills and gives them opportunities to share their own experiences eg. baking cakes, birthday parties, feeding baby

Construction Area
This area helps the children to develop their social skills-turn taking/sharing resources. It also helps to develop language skills as well as maths skills (shapes, sizes, counting etc)

Messy Area
This picture shows pastry/dough with rolling pins, cutters and cases. The children will develop language skills, social skills, physical skills and they can learn to understand how to use tools safely and effectively

Mark Making Area
In this area the children develop physical skills-holding various mark making resources (brushes, crayons, pencils, chalk etc) They also develop their language skills and social skills

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