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This section of the website is reserved for important news and updates.  For example, although very rare, we may wish to inform you of un-expected closure of the nursery, due to circumstances such as heavy snowfall, no heating or flooding etc.  This section of the website will also bring you updates during such situations.




Harvest Festival – Thursday 4th October 2018

We will be holding a Harvest Festival for the children on Thursday 4th October 2018.  This will be a brief talk about harvesting food and particularly about giving food to those in need.  

We are asking for donations of any non-perishable food you can spare.  The food will be collected by representatives of the Methodist Church on High Street, Atherton on the 5th October and then distributed after their Harvest Service on Sunday 7th October 2018.  This year the food donations will be sent to the Booth Hall Homeless Shelter and Atherton Food Bank.

Any donations of food to this worthy cause would be appreciated by Thursday 4th October 2018.


Half Term Week – Half Term this year is Monday 22nd – Friday 26th October 2018.  We will be closed for one week.


Parents Evening – Wednesday 7th November 2018

Please make an appointment with your child’s Key Worker.  You will have the opportunity to discuss your child’s learning and development at Nursery and their progress and achievements.


Inspire Evening – Wednesday 5th December 2018

For the parents of children moving from Sunbeams to Pre-School in January 2018. As part of our transition procedure for children from Sunbeams to Pre-School we are, this year, inviting parents to come along and meet their child’s new Key Worker in the Pre-School Room.  Your child will already be accessing “Taster Sessions” in the Pre-School so this is an opportunity for you to discuss your child, the routines and view the environment.


Christmas Party – 14th December 2018

Nursery will close for the holidays after the afternoon session on Thursday 13th December 2018.  This year’s Christmas Party will take place at 9.30 am – 11.30 am on the 14th December 2018.  Following the party will be the children’s Christmas performance.  This will be a short performance of Christmas songs and all parents are welcome to come along at 11.30am.

Following the performance, the children will have the opportunity to visit Father Christmas and receive a small gift.


First day of Spring Term 2019 is Monday 7th January 2019

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