Dear parents and carers, both current, past and prospective...






Historically we have changed, adapted and grown in the direction of the need of the families we serve.  Even from the very beginning, back in 1966, we existed primarily as a mother toddler group, which was a small group that was established and nurtured by a group of local mothers.  Being responsive to the needs of our families is the key to our success!  Over the past 50 years our rather ‘organic’ approach to developing our service has been successful in allowing us to flourish.



Over recent years we have managed to raise over £65000 in grants, all of which has been invested into providing a nursery that Ofsted have recently officially recorded as being exemplary and judged to be ‘outstanding’ across the board and in all aspects of our provision.  We currently serve a cohort of children and families whose level of need are significantly greater than you would expect in the average nursery and this is not unusual given the fact that we are located in one of the top twenty most deprived areas in the country.  Furthermore, within our cluster of Early Years settings we accommodate the highest number of children who are in receipt of a funded two-year-old place, which are reserved for those children presenting with needs that place them at a significant disadvantage for a range of different reasons.  We believe that children’s success cannot supersede the quality of support available and it is for this reason we are extremely delighted that we can offer our Outstanding service and facilities to children who most need it.  We are a community asset and so belong to the community, although our success draws in children and their families from further afield.





Yours Sincerely

Angela West


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